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We are manufacturing majority of the machines required for Sanitary Ware Plant.

Our product range includes Blungers & agitators, Battery Casting Plant, Pentograph type Universal ware Grinding Machine, Glaze Spray Booths & Inspection Booths & entire range of machinery required for Mould Plant. This is just because of our commitment & quality that we are preferred choice of multinational Companies entering into Indian Market.






A Battery Casting Unit for Wash Basins consists of 2 Casting Benches, which are arranged in pairs left and right each on a central slip supply and a slip storage tank.

There are 45 - 60 moulds installed on movable special trolleys and one end fixed frame while other and movable tightening screw trolley. The inclination of complete bench can be set us per required degree of slope. But the moulds are inclined towards the operation side, which will be emptying all moulds for its return line slip.

There are two external green ware storage racks / benches which are to be installed parallels with casting benches for the depositing the green wares pieces taken out from the moulds.


The Plant can be offered with following optional attachments:

  • M.S. Stand for Slip Storage Tank.

  • Vertical Stands for holding air line.

  • Air Fans with holding brackets for fast natural drying.

  • Storage Rack fabricated stands for depositing green casted wares.

  • Green Wares Dryer Cars 

  • Slip Collection Tank and its Stirrer.

  • Pipe line of compressed air with spiral hose for demoulding.

  • Turn Table with Rubber Lined Top.

  • Demoulding Device.



Each WC Battery Casting line of this system consists of 2/4 casting benches being aligned in pairs at the left and right of a central slip supply and a central slip return system.

On each casting bench 30 moulds are arranged standing on mobile mould carrying platforms. The moulds are connected to each other by means of appropriate distance pieces of plaster or metal and by means of a tightening and clamping device they are held together at the end of the casting bench.

On the outside parallel to the casting benches storing benches are provided on which the cast articles are to be placed.

The slip supply of each mould is made by pipeline being attached below the casting benches and controlled by corresponding valves. Each mould is connected to this pipe system by a plastic hose and fitted with a shut-off valve. The slip feed can be from.

Between the casting benches a steel construction is arranged on which compensation tank are assembled for monitoring the slip level and as topping up reserve.



A Battery Casting Plant for Cisterns consists of a Casting Bench with central slip slurry and a pipeline system. 7 moulds are arranged on the casting bench. The two mould parts are let vertically suspending in special tightening devices on the casting bench and in the lifting frame. Parallel to the casting bench, depositing benches (Storage Racks) are provided at the outside, serving for depositing the demoulded pieces.

The slip slurry of the individual moulds is done by means of pipelines arranged below the casting Bench and controlled by corresponding valves, each single mould is connected to the pipeline system by means of a plastic hose. The slip slurry is done via an overhead tank which is filled up again during the casting procedure.


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The machine is having following assemblies & components:

  1. Bottom Base Frame:
    Manufacturing from M.S. Structured steel for holding M.S. duly grounded base plate and vertical column structure.

  2. Grinding Head:
    Manufactured from C.I. body having stainless steel shaft with High speed bearings and pivoted on vertical column.

  3. Diamond Wheel:
    1 no. will be fitted with machine. The diamond impregnated cup wheel having tapered metal bond, fine grit & high diamond powder construction specially developed for this machine which will grind all sanitary ware very easy.

  4. Grinding Head Up & Down Assembly:
    Manually operated screw drive assembly will provide required cut by rotating side wheel and it will also adjust height of grinding wheel as required in different wares.

  5. EWC Fixing Attachment:
    It is provided with one side rubber coated fixed pad and another side tightening screw assembly.

  6. Wash Basin Holding Attachment:
    It is vertical head attachment, which will fix wash basin vertically, so that back side wall mounted face will be at top side for grinding.

  7. Oval Pan / Round Pan Attachment:
    It is specially designed attachment on which the oval pan / round pan will be fitted in reverse position, then the rotation of attachment wheel provide circulation motion of grinding surface with wheel as per profile of wares.

  8. Pedestal Holding Attachment:
    It will be holding the pedestal horizontally in reverse position so the wall face mounted side surface can be ground.


Fortune has developed & successfully commissioned vitreous sanitary ware grinding machine will advance technology.

This ware grinding machine is used for grinding over run flatness developed after firing process. This machine is provide smooth, perfectly aligned and level surface like:

  • Bottom foot of all types of EWCs.

  • Back wall mounted surface of wash basin.

  • Bottom / Wall faced surface of pedestal.

  • Top surface of any type wash basin / pans.

  • Back rim of round & oval pan wash basin to provide perfect fitment on granite / marble stone.




Constructional feature:

  1. Base Frame:
    Manufacturing from ISMC 75 x 40 with its rib support.

  2. Pillar:
    Heavy duty hardened & chrome pillar fastened on base frame.

  3. Up & Down Head:
    Specially designed C.I. Tee use for up & down head it has been carried out by 1 H.P. motor.

  4. Rotor:
    Manufacturing from S.S. 316 & fitted with 3 H.P Motor.

  5. Vacuum Arrangement:
    PPI Make Vacuum pump fitted back of mixer with base support and its all pneumatic & water connection. Pneumatic solenoid valve also fitted at top of mixer.

  6. Control Panel:
    fully automatic Control panel with Delta (Taiwan) make A.C. Drive, Control relays, Starters & overload relays For all motors, power Transformers, duly powder coated (TEDF) totally enclosed Dust Proof Panel enclosure & remote control console (fitted on mixer) with all control.



Constructional feature:

Load cell base hopper made from 3 mm M.S. sheet fastened through ant vibration pad on vertical leg support. 1 H.P. vibration motor fitted for vibration

At the bottom end screw feeder placed, it has been made from worm with leg support & rotates through gear box & 3 H.P. motor.

Load cell frame manufactured from ISMC 100 x 50 & 5 mm. M.S. Sheet.

Both trolley & its drum for mixer & hopper made from 3mm M.S. sheet and fitted with 4 Nos. of aluminum wheel.

Duo flow Vacuum mixer, Load cell based hopper and screw feeder is called as mini POP plant and function of above machinery is correlated with each other.

First of all fill vertical hopper with POP powder, discharge from bottom gate and allow conveying through screw feeder.

On load cell frame place trolley with drum & measure necessary quantity of POP powder with using control panel & also allow required quantity of water.

Take away trolley with drum and place below duo flow vacuum mixer, through motor down head & start rotor for mixing after completion of mixing now material is ready for making mould.

This type of POP plant is used for mixing POP for MOULD MAKING. 




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