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Fortune Engineers is devoted to the design, development and manufacturing of plant and machineries for ceramic, sanitary ware and construction industries.

Fortune Engineers has been established in 2002 by corps of hardworking and enterprising people with a view to supply the genuine & quality products. Right from its inception, the company has been improving on its performance with each passing day.

The foundation of our organization rest on the shoulder of our experienced partners and qualified workers, who are well conversant to the field & are familiar with latest engineering & quality assurance procedures under various Indian & International codes.


At “FORTUNE” Quality is not a credo, it is an obsession that is reflected in our people, our procedures and of course, our products. It is the policy of our group to honour the commitments made to its customers in all aspects of our relationship. We are bound by these commitments to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations regarding quality of product and service, lead time/on-time delivery, long term relationships and continuous improvement.


Our fully staffed and cross-trained customer service department specializes in building and nurturing customer relationships. Each account is assigned a customer service representative, ensuring reliable hands-on account management and well-informed problem solving capabilities.

Meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers is our goal, and we believe that good communication is the place of start.

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